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Top 5 Household Allergens

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If you struggle with allergies or asthma on a regular basis, you might assume that your debilitating symptoms are inevitable. Environmental triggers are nearly impossible to control when you leave the house, and medication can only do so much. However, you might actually be making the problem worse by staying indoors. Some of the worst allergens are commonplace in households, and unless they\’re immediately ventilated and filtered out of the air, they can make residents sick for a long time.

The following five allergens could be hiding in plain sight, triggering serious respiratory conditions that are completely preventable. Instead of accepting your wheezing, coughing, and sneezing as a fact of life, take charge by removing these from your home.

1. Pet dander

Everyone knows that pets can cause serious allergy symptoms, but if you\’ve lived with animals your whole life, you might not realize that they\’re to blame. Pet dander allergies can get worse over time. If you struggle with sore, itchy eyes or frequent sneezing and coughing, try removing items that collect fur and dander. Hardwood floors and tile are better than carpet, and linens and upholstery should be regularly cleaned. However, none of this matters if your air continues to circulate dander through your home. Make sure your ducts aren\’t clogged with dander too.

2. Pollen

Pollen is one of the most common seasonal allergies, and most people assume that they\’re safer indoors; after all, most households don\’t contain the trees and flowers that are packed with pollen each spring. However, pollen sticks to everything it touches, and that includes your clothes and shoes. When you return home after spending time outside, you might be tracking this allergen inside too. Remember to put your shoes away, or leave them outside if possible. Showering and changing your clothes also helps. However, you also need to make sure your air is as purified and ventilated as possible.

3. Dust mites

Dust aggravates most people if you have enough of it, but you might not realize that it isn\’t the dust itself making you sick. Microscopic dust mites actually thrive in human households, because they consume the dead skin cells you shed every day. Warm, moist conditions are particularly comfortable, so keep your thermostat below 70 degrees and your humidity levels low. Don\’t forget to wash your linens as often as possible, too; these collect the skin cells that you lose while sleeping.

4. Mold

Wherever there is moisture, there\’s the risk of mold. Unless bathrooms and basements are completely ventilated and cool, they collect moisture and create conditions that are perfect for mold growth. Mold causes very serious and chronic health conditions, so it\’s very important that your home doesn\’t have any moist, dark areas for it to grow.

5. Cockroaches

Even if you\’ve never seen a cockroach in your house, that doesn\’t mean these common pests haven\’t passed through. Roaches themselves don\’t cause allergies, but their droppings and saliva do. Store your food in air-tight containers, avoid standing water, and clean every crevice of your counter tops, cabinets, and floors. Previous residents might have even attracted roaches that are long gone, leaving you to deal with the traces they left behind.

If you want to eliminate the hygiene and health issues associated with these allergens, regular duct cleaning is your best bet. A professional duct cleaning service will keep your air free of pollutants, allowing your HVAC system to maintain the indoor air quality that your body needs to thrive. When you maintain your ducts and change your air filters regularly, your home becomes a safe harbor instead of a threat to your health and safety.

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