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Preparing a Pre-Owned Home\’s Rug for Carpet Cleaning Services

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Everyone\’s acquired a new home, and everyone\’s seen a carpet capable of receiving a little spruce-up. If your new home\’s carpet isn\’t up to par or if your home was pre-owned, several tips work well when cleaning a rug.



Before engaging in \”the basics of a carpet spruce-up,\” remember to contact a professional service provider for high-quality carpet cleaning. These providers utilize advanced cleaning products and technologies, and they can adequately remove odors, stains, and spills. For now, however, let\’s focus on the fundamentals surrounding a quick clean. Let\’s focus on preparation for a professional cleaning.



The Mixture

Before prepping the carpet, give it a once-over with a vacuum cleaner. However, always vacuum a carpet with a new bag. You don\’t want to leave more dirt, do you? Vacuum the carpet twice, and in different directions. This collects all loose particles, and it\’s an incredibly thorough technique.


Then, take some powdered laundry detergent. Pour it into a water bucket, and stir the mixture with a cloth. This mixture can lift unsightly stains, and it can \”prep\” a carpet section for professional intervention.



The Aftermath

After five minutes, many carpet stains will be lifted. While you\’re waiting for professional assistance, scrub the remaining detergent from the carpet. While most stains will be lifted, several deeper marks will remain. The detergent can adequately remove soil and debris, and it might even loosen some unsightly threads.



Once the area is dry, vacuum it again. This will \”fluff up\” the carpet, and it will further remove dust, soil, and crude remnants. Following this, a dab of carpet protector will protect cleaner areas from additional torment. Remember, don\’t add protector to areas needing professional care. This may lock in stains.



Extra Tips
The pre-treat vacuuming step is incredibly important. While the above-explained mixture is effective, pre-vacuuming effectively removes any destructible materials; it prevents further damage. Such \”loose particulate matter\” is easily removed when dry.



In the meantime, Mundae is ready to remove remaining impurities and lift extra materials. Utilizing advanced techniques and an intelligent team of service providers, our excellent services loosen dirt, kill germs, and leave carpets looking fresh.



Each of our carpet spotters, protectants, and deodorizers leave carpets looking pristine, and each of Mundae\’s preventative methods is suitable for new homeowners. Remember, when contacting our services, ask us about preventative methods. With a variety of time-tested-and-true practices, we know the ins-and-outs of a great carpet cleaning, and we\’re always ready to help.  

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