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Upholstery Cleaning and Kittens

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Many homeowners love pets, and new cats are lovable to most. However, when upholstery is concerned, cat odor, dandruff and scratches can destroy furniture, leaving tattered leather and de-stuffed pillows. Upholstery cleaning, while easy, may become difficult with a new, furry arrival. Before planning your new cat\’s life, focus on retaining that of your upholstery.

Basic Pet-Proof Plans

While several remedies exist for removing scuffs, scratches and dandruff, prevention is often an effective method when dealing with young cats.

Utilizing upholstery with small patterns and dark colors eloquently masks most hair, and it can \”hide\” problems as they arise. While not a permanent solution, such patterns hide stains, dirt and — in rare cases — excrement.

Meanwhile, obtaining pet-friendly rugs can prevent unsightly damages. Kittens love high, fluffy rugs, and adult cats love something to dig their claws into. When selecting a rug or throw pillow selection, avoid the fluffy stuff, as your animal will provide your household\’s \”fluffy factor\” for you.

Polyester Microfiber

It exists, and it feels like suede against your skin. Additionally, it deflects liquid, and it tends to dissuade wandering kittens, due to its texture against tiny paws. Polyester microfiber is an excellent selection for homeowners fearing pet intrusions, and it\’s often available in many fabric designs.

Urine Cleaning

Cats becoming accustomed to indoor environments may piddle upon furniture. If you already maintain an established home, and if purchasing new upholstery is out of the question, cleaning urine isn\’t an impossibility. The remedy mixture is simple, easily applicable and pet-friendly. You\’ll need the following:

  • A water bottle
  • One part baking soda
  • Three parts water

When applied to furniture, the mixture lifts most urine and pet stains effectively. Simply rub it in with a damp cloth, and re-apply as necessary.

Training and Preventative Methods

Scratches, urine stains and hair may additionally be avoided when a young cat is trained well. While it is difficult to train a cat, and while a kitten may become accustomed to furniture before they begin teething, several sheets of tin foil when laid upon furniture\’s surfaces tends to dissuade wandering cats. The texture — while safe — is unnatural for most animals and makes an excellent repellant against young felines.

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