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Water Damage and Mold: Learn About Their Difference

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Water damage in a home can be an absolute headache. It can prompt costly repairs, changeless damage in the home if one doesn\’t act quickly, and also significant health concerns.

One of the worst results of water damage is the growth of mold. Mold can start developing in as little as 24 hours and can destroy your home. In some cases, significantly after repairs, mold can continue to develop and destroy new repairs.

What\’s the Difference Between Water Damage and Mold?

Did you realize that almost a quarter of all asthma cases in the U.S. are estimated to be attributable to dampness or mold exposure? While mildew is a mostly harmless gray or white fungus found in moist areas of homes, mold is usually black or green and can cause respiratory illness, nausea, fatigue, and allergies. As per a UNICEF report, dampness and mold raise the risk of creating asthma by up to 50 percent. With so much at stake, how might you differentiate among mold and mildew, and what should you do if you discover mold in your home?

Water Damage is when water intrudes and attacks a material causing destructive processes such as rotting and rusting of materials. Water damage can be something as minor as water spots or can include something much progressively catastrophic as flooding and property loss.

Mold is the result of unwanted moisture, which forms colonies that will frequently show up as fluffy and hairy patches and spots. The most well-known colors of mold are green, white, and black.

Mold is exceptionally dangerous and can pose numerous health risks to everybody in the family. Such risks include immune disorders, pathogenic diseases, and even cancer. The most well-known cancer-associated with mold is lung cancer. A sign of this is the bleeding lung, which is a result of severe damage. In milder cases, children exposed to mold are probably going to create asthma.

To stop the growth of mold, it gets strongly prescribed to contact a reputable disaster cleaning and restoration service.

Water Damage and Mold

Mold grows fast in warm, damp climates. Water damage can absolutely prompt mold, and thus remediation of water damage Houston TX is crucial. For mold to develop, it must have a steady source of moisture. Homes with water damage are the ideal breeding ground for unwanted mold to develop. Mold clings to organic surfaces such as wooden structural materials and textiles. These strong pillars of your home can easily weaken when mold grows on them and uses them as a food source.

The Most Effective Method to Distinguish Mold from Mildew

Taking a look at the color of the fungi is the best way to distinguish mold from mildew. Gray or white fungus is usually mildew, which can get easily expelled with a special cleaner and a scrubbing brush accessible from any grocery store or online. Then again, mold can be yellow, green, or black. Unlike mildew, mold can cause serious health problems and even structural damage to your home. Green or black mold is a sign of an enormous infestation in your home that will start to influence the health of your family and pets unless you treat it. The sooner you get mold, the less expensive it will be to manage, but it usually requires help from a specialist to eradicate totally.

Would You Be Able to Remove Mold or Mildew?

Mildew is far easier to evacuate than mold. The main culprit for both mildew and mold is moisture. The three most natural areas that moisture can enter your home are your windows, basement, and your roof. While you can easily expel mildew with a scrubbing brush and cleaning fluid, DIY removal of mold is not suggested, especially since mold spores are easily spread. For areas bigger than a couple of square feet, you should know that by disturbing mold spores, you may create millions of airborne particles, conceivably aggravating the problem much more. A professional mold removal company will use legitimate regulation techniques to forestall the spread and transfer of mold spores. Attempting to expel mold yourself can accomplish more damage than anything else.

For What Reason Should You Pay to Have Mold Removed?

Besides helping you and your family to stay healthy, having mold remediation Houston TX service can make your home safe and ensure your financial investment. Mold spores get easily spread, and you could wind up helping the infestation move to different areas of your home if you endeavor to handle the project all alone.


Water damage is one of the easiest and most basic ways for mold to develop inside a household. It is essential to handle the situation as soon as possible to keep growth from occurring in the first spot. For fast and convenient service, contact Mundae for mold cleaning and water damage restoration.

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