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Tips and Tricks to Prevent Mold Growth

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Mold is existing in more than 50% of U.S. residences, and it’s not just unsightly. Some types of mold can lead to critical and life-threatening health ailments. That’s only one reason why house owners must take precautions with mold. Relying on the scope of the infection, you could also lose thousands in home restoration charges. Luckily, there are some mold remediation companies Houston TX to help prevent mold from popping up in your home. If you want to guard your health and your wallet, then hire one today. Also, read about some tips and tricks that can be beneficial in preventing mold.

1. Estimate Indoor Humidity

Mold cannot develop without moisture. However, you must know that spills and leakages are not the only origins of moisture in your house. Moisture and vaporous water in the air are the chief cause of mold growth. If you’ve spotted mold in your home, or you’re scared of mold, you should buy a hygrometer. These cheap devices measure the existing indoor humidity in real-time. Set the device someplace you won’t disremember, like the living room or bedroom. Preventing mold is as simple as controlling the day-to-day humidity levels of your house.

2. Open the Windows

Ventilation is the second most significant factor to help prevent mold in its paths. Air can carry a restricted amount of water vapor. Due to temperature variations, water may contract instead. If this occurs, you’ll possibly find water beading up on your windows and walls. You can stop this with proper in-home ventilation. Having your windows open is an excellent idea to keep the air flowing in your home. As a bonus, outdoor air will control indoor humidity. You might not be able to open windows while the cold months. However, you can still have air moving everywhere around your home with roof fans, standing fans, and your home’s HVAC.

3. Use Household Exhaust Fans

Almost every house comes furnished with two exhaust fans: one for the kitchen and one for the master bathroom. These aren’t for display. In fact, they’re meant to help you release smoke and moisture off. Have your kitchen’s exhaust fan working when you’re heating water. Otherwise, you’ll add new water vapor to your house. It can attach to walls in the kitchen, which supports mold growth and enhances indoor humidity. You should also choose the same practice whenever you use your tub or shower. Without the aid of the exhaust fan, the steam will decrease on your vanity, walls, and ceiling. Don’t give it that chance. As a rule of thumb, it’s also a useful idea to wipe down wet shower walls. It can keep your tiles free of mold and residue.

4. Check Outdoor Drainage

Your landscaping recognizes how to keep mold off. Pay heed to the route water takes on your house. In an ideal condition, your home is located on a small hill, which indicates the water will drain away. However, if the water puddles around your home, that can lead to some severe mold issues. That’s because the humid will drip down into the base of your home and leak in. It is one of the primary reasons why basements are famous mold hotspots. Unluckily, landscaping is not a budget fix. You should have a contractor perform an inspection of your property if you think drainage is a problem.

5. Keep Rain Gutters and Air Duct Clean

While the landscape should turn water away from your home, so too should your gutters. However, they can’t do their duty when they’re in a position of disrepair. Foliage and detritus gather in gutters and air ducts over time. Therefore, air duct cleaning services Houston become essential. And this is the part where you should call the professionals and get the cleaning completed!

6. Don’t Overlook Wet Spills

It might seem easy, but having a dry home is the best approach to prevent mold. When you spill water, clean it up. It includes mistakes in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else. The same goes for wet objects. Did you get trapped in a storm? Never let the wet clothes or umbrella stay on the floor. This is very important if your home is blanketed. Since carpets absorb moisture, it’s much more difficult to keep them dry. You might observe an unusual smell a few days later once mold has begun to grow.

7. Repair Leaks

It’s a great idea to maintain tabs on your home’s plumbing. Even small leaks will ultimately lead to a severe mold problem. Once or twice a month, you should investigate all the open pipes in your home since leaks are one of the leading causes of mold in homes.

Reach the professionals online for mold remediation in Houston, TX, right away!

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