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How is an Efficient Air Conditioner Helpful in Preventing Mold?

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In summer, humid temperatures, one of your prime concerns, is mold. Mold can cause an unimaginable amount of destruction to your home as well as your well-being, and homeowners need to do everything they can to stop it. Most have a strong weapon against mold at their disposal, their air conditioner. There are multiple ways your air conditioner helps in preventing mold. And if you need AC duct cleaning Houston, then don’t delay in calling up the professionals.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Influence the Amount of Mold in Your Home?

The reason your air conditioner influences the amount of mold in your house is all about humidity. Humidity creates moisture, and moisture creates mold. Your air conditioner stops mold by keeping the humidity level in your house low. You could also get in touch with professionals of mold remediation Houston TX for the same purpose.

What Causes Indoor Mold Form?

Mold is an indispensable part of our environment, but you do not want it in your house. It breeds through tiny seeds called spores that you can’t even notice. These invisible spores hover through the air and land on moist objects, where mold starts to develop. Mold can start to form inside a house due to:

  • flooding
  • plumbing issues
  • leaking roofs
  • faulty air conditioning systems
  • leaking windows
  • poor ventilation

An Air Conditioner Prevents Mold

Your air conditioner regulates the moisture in your home. There are two principal rules to follow:

  • Keep your air conditioner set amid 68 and 72 degrees.
  • Do not leave the humidity in your home to be above 50%.

If you follow these rules, it should stop mold from developing in the house. Also, you must set the air conditioner’s fan fixing to “auto†rather than “on.†The “on†setting can create moisture to be blown back into your house.

What Are the Things to Consider in an Air Conditioning System?

When buying for a whole-house air conditioning system, there are various key things to consider to prevent mold. Also, look for a unit that has superior moisture removal.

  • The AC unit must be ranked SEER 14 or above
  • Purchase an air conditioning system that is the right size based on the square footage of your house.
  • Ensure the energy star rank on the air conditioner is 3 or above.
  • Monitor for a high BEE star rating.
  • Ensure there is a high EER ratio.

A licensed air conditioning service center can give you several important tips on obtaining the right air conditioner for your house.

How Does an Ineffective System Create Mold?

An ineffective system can cause humidity and moisture to grow up in the house and gives an excellent atmosphere for mold germination. But, an effective unit is the most reliable way an air conditioner prevents mold. Maintaining your air conditioner adequately is essential, particularly in a humid climate like Houston. Timely maintenance of your air conditioner must include replacing the filter at least once a month.

Also, an expert service technician must come out at least once a year for preventative support. The professional will ensure condensation is draining accurately, monitor the drain pans for mold, and clean the coils. These service calls will make sure that your air conditioning system is operating at top capacity, and can keep you and your family satisfied for years to come.

Health Problems Linked with Mold

Mold in your house is very dangerous. Certainly, this invisible threat can create a plenitude of health problems. The main accused is something called mycotoxins, which are breathed into the lungs by humans and animals. Mycotoxins create “poisonous mold,†which can create:

  • eye irritation
  • a headache
  • throat irritation
  • neurological problems
  • difficulty breathing
  • wheezing
  • nasal and sinus congestion
  • rash
  • sneezing

Also, those who have autoimmune diseases, asthma, or lung disorder of any type are at an even higher risk. Continued exposure to poisonous mold can cause critical lung infections. Ensure to see your healthcare provider if you doubt exposure to mold.

Additional Tips to Stop Mold

In addition to having a well-regulated air conditioning system, there are other things you can do to stop mold in your home. Prevent mold spores from growing up by:

  • Buying a dehumidifier if your AC isn’t strong enough to maintain the humidity below 50%
  • Promptly fixing any plumbing leaks in the house
  • Drying any moist areas right away
  • Suitably ventilating your house, particularly basements and attics
  • Conducting gutters away from the house
  • Fixing holes in the roof
  • Correcting airflow all around the home

Keeping your home mold-free is a continuing challenge in Houston\’s humid weather. However, picking the right air conditioner and keeping it supported adequately make all the difference. An air conditioner prevents mold and all the health problems that go with it. Moreover, the right AC keeps your home cozy, healthy, and safe.

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