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Mold: A Common HVAC Complaint

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Presence of mold in the HVAC systems is a very common complaint. Mold is a type of fungus that can grow and multiply in number, making the building occupants sick without even getting noticed for a long time. If the mold gets accumulated in the air ducts and HVAC system of the building, it can spread very fast. Therefore, it is essential to get a timely mold inspection of the building.

If mold is present in the building’s environment, it can quickly get into the air ducts. Mold is present to a greater extent in humid weather and lesser in dry weather conditions. You can never get rid of mold permanently, but you can control it from spreading. Mold requires moisture and food to sustain. If these are taken away, mold goes away.

It is advised that you should get your building checked by a mold inspection Houston company like Mundae. Not only mold but Mundae will inspect your building for moisture too. Check the building’s drainage system and look for leakage. If this leakage goes unnoticed, that spot can become a mold factory. Call for a plumber and get the drainage issue fixed as soon as possible to avoid mold accumulation there. In case you find the presence of mold gets assistance from a mold specialist company to take care of the mold issue. Also check whether all the HVAC ducts and components like air handlers, plenums, blowers, etc. are free from moisture.

Despite the regular inspection if you still get complaints about it then here are some tips that you can share with the HVAC cleaning contractor:

  • Turning off the HVAC system.
  • People involved in the cleaning process must wear an N95 mask.
  • Ask them to replace anything porous such as filters or insulation that has become wet.
  • Use wet vacuums to remove the standing water.
  • Make sure that the cleaners use a registered HVAC cleaning and disinfecting solution to clean the non-porous surfaces like coils, plenums, pans, etc.
  • As an added measure, isolating the section of the duct which you have cleaned will ensure that the mold spores from the uncleaned area don’t stir up and move to the cleaner parts.
  • Application of a mold inhibitor to all the duct components will prevent mold growth. One crucial point here is to make sure that the inhibitor used is from a registered and trusted brand as wrong chemicals can affect the health of the people residing in the building or house.
  • The last step is to dispose of all the dirt, dust and mold taken out while cleaning the air ducts. Disposing of is a very crucial step. Improper disposal can lead to a reoccurrence of mold in your place.

Getting the air ducts cleaned regularly can prevent mold accumulation. Here are five signs that will tell you to help you identify that the air ducts now need to be cleaned.

1. Visible Mold Growth

A mold-free environment is vital for you and your family’s health. If you find any mold presence in your home, that means your air ducts may also be affected. Accumulation of mold in air ducts can cause severe breathing and other health issues. If you notice mold presence in your heating or cooling systems, you probably need to call for the best air duct cleaning services in Houston company.

2. Signs of Rodent and Insect Infestation

Ever noticed any presence of shells or husks from insects or small scratches along the sides of the duct? If yes, then there are chances of having rodent and insect infestation in the air duct. Insect and bug residue in the air ducts can impose serious health issues and also weaken the immune system of the people residing in the house. The skilled technicians help in removing all the insect infestations from your air ducts, leaving them all cleaned and sanitized.

3. Excessive Dirt and Debris

With time, ducts get clogged with dirt and debris. Such ducts can affect the efficiency of the airflow and release these harmful pollutants into the air, degrading your indoor air quality. If you are suffering from dust allergies regularly, then you should think of getting your air ducts cleaned.

4. Carbon Monoxide

If you use fuel-burning stove, fireplace or furnace, then you are susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid this hazard, it is advised that homeowners must get their ducts inspected and cleaned at regular intervals of time.

5. Air Duct Inspection

Precaution is better than cure. Proper maintenance of the ducts can save your medical expenses later. Inspecting your air ducts is essential. It is very logical to think that ducts get dirty over some time. Therefore, you should get them cleaned regularly. The well-trained and professional staff at Mundae will inspect your air duct and provide you with the best solution to clean them at affordable rates.

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