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What are the Indications that Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

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It\’s boiling up outdoor, and if it hasn’t already, your air conditioner is about to go into high gear! Exactly like your car or any significant appliance, your home’s cooling system will work better with proper maintenance, and air duct cleaning in Houston is just one of the services to consider to guarantee the life span of your whole HVAC system.

Despite periodically replacing filters, your home’s HVAC system gets stained with constant everyday use. Unluckily, your air ducts are a preferred escaping place for dust, dirt, and allergens to crawl. That dust and dirt is loaded with contaminants and air pollutants that can not only destroy your indoor air quality but can also make your system to work harder. It not only raises your electricity bills, but it can also significantly reduce the longevity of your system.

Want to know if you require to have your ducts cleaned? Below are the five dead giveaways of polluted air ducts!

1) Mold

While we all acknowledge how dust can badly influence our health, mold is a whole another ballgame! Not only can it worsen allergies and respiratory issues, but it can also grow fast everywhere in your home.

Your heating and cooling system can generate condensation, reaching the germination of mold in your ductwork (mainly if you live in a humid environment). You may find mold around your vent cases. Still, unluckily, many elements of your heating and cooling system aren’t readily available, so mold in your air ducts is incredibly difficult to identify visually. However, while mold can be troublesome to see, it generally shows itself in the shape of a musty odor.

If you have mold in your air ducts, it’s essential to take action immediately to protect your home’s indoor air quality. The Houston mold remediation companies will identify and remediate any mold issues and prevent its recurrence. Along with duct cleaning, you should also take extra preventive measures against increasing moisture in your home. You can do so by keeping a whole-home dehumidifier or by optimizing settings on your thermostat. If the conditions creating the mold growth in the first place are not fixed, mold growth will return.

2) Dust

Is your house dirty, no matter how frequently you clean? While cleaning isn’t a pleasant task, it’s something we all need to do from time to time. If you see that every flat covering in your home is covered with dust almost instantly after you’ve put away your cleaning supplies, you need to have your ducts cleaned!

Even the neatest homes can have dirt, dust, pet dander, and all kinds of harmful contaminants hindering in the air ducts. You may even discover dust coming out of the ventilators every time the HVAC system kicks on! Take a peek at the air supply and replace vents near your house. Are they visibly dirty or dusty? If so, thoroughly remove a vent cover and filter and take a peek into the ductwork. Is the metal coated with the dust? If you notice dust and dirt both inside and outside — particularly by the vents that blow cold air out — your ducts most possibly need to be washed.

To stop likely dust accumulation, make sure you replace your HVAC system air filters regularly. You can also administer an air purifier to catch many airborne particles like dust, tobacco smoke, and bacteria before they access the ductwork.

3) Ducts are Plagued with Rodents or Insects

From time to time, rodents, squirrels, and bugs can make their entrance into your air ducts. Generally, these pests leave behind all kinds of bacteria. When rodents discover their passage into your ductwork, they make nests and leave droppings behind, transferring tiny fecal spores clearing along the ducts. These spores can then make their move into your home and pollute the quality of the air you inhale.

Unluckily, rodents like to make houses in ductwork and grind their way in or find various unsealed entrance. Once they come in, your home’s ductwork turns a private road for rodents as they make their way all-around your house. If rodents live in your ductwork, they will drop some significant signs — not only will you observe droppings, you may find eaten up materials or obnoxious smells, all of which show an infestation.

Remember that a rodent infestation might need more than just air duct cleaning! If you overlook the problem, it could turn into some severe structural damage, not to say an HVAC system that doesn’t perform properly, lead to more expensive energy bills.

Want Air Duct Cleaning? Hire an Expert!

When you’re willing to handle those air ducts, make sure you pick a qualified contractor to ensure the job is completed right. Mundae makes it easy for people to find a qualified air duct cleaning professional. Contact today!

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