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Ways to Protect My House and Business from Water Damage

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Water damage, despite its cause, is very random and often leads us to costly repairs. About 99% of houses with a basement experience water damage at some point. Not only that, but the expense of water damage restoration Houston TX also moves up to $13 billion per year.

While several homes and buildings are guarded against fire loss by putting fire alarms and indicators, only some have shielded their properties against water damage. What makes it more serious is that water damage, often, is undefined until the damage created is already massive. The most reliable way to stop water damage and expensive repair services, it is essential to protect yourself, your house, and your business against it by following the pointers below.

Perform periodic inspections and maintenance on your plumbing systems

It is during the routine inspection that you will be able to detect early symptoms of water damage. Examine your building for any indications of water leaking, such as damp spaces or stain on the walls, floors, and roofs. Molds and mildew grow in wet regions, so if you find molds increase in your property, odds are there is also a water source near it. Check the plumbing system that points to the water heater, dishwasher, laundry machines, refrigerator, and other devices for any indication of leakage. Make it a practice to shut off the origin of the water supply when going away for a holiday.

Fix and protect your home or building’s surface

Water damage can either be done by an internal or external cause. After a meticulous inspection in your plumbing system and everything is in good shape, check the regions in your house or building where water may access, such as your windows, doorways, downspouts, and others. Inspect your roof and the drain. Assure that there are no broken or missing shingles. Discard any trash that has been collected in the gutter to assure that rainwater can move freely. Caulk and reseal windows or any breaks to prevent water seepage.

Prevent Loss from Robbers or Others

Establishing security usually comes down to taking a right preventative steps. Help stop business robbery through:

Excellent lighting - Lighting can be an efficient obstacle against crime, both inside your office and outside the building. Ensure the light switches are in excellent working form. Use light enclosures to prevent bulb damage. Reinstate burned-out bulbs as soon as possible.

Protect windows - Burglar-resistant glazing can assist in increasing safety. Ensure all locks and bars perform well.

Doors locks - All building doors must be constructed of solid-core wood or metal and suit tightly into their enclosures. Ensure all the doors have heavy-duty deadbolt locks.

Protect Against Electrical Surges

Always purchase top-notch quality surge covers. They help in protecting specific appliances in your house. Though, a more careful strategy to surge security is to connect point-of-use devices with a different device. Example- Devices to pair with your point-of-use devices are service access surge covers or electrical panel surge covers.

Direct lightning strokes are strong enough to destroy even the most solid surge protection. That said, the ultimate surge security is to unplug devices from the wall if you assume a surge might happen.

Buy and Maintain Enough Insurance Coverage

Even though you can plan for potential damage, there is yet a possibility that tragedy will happen. As such, getting and maintaining proper insurance is important. A well-organized business insurance policy can help in water damage restoration Houston.

Through your insurance company, you may be capable of facilitating the claims method if you\’ve kept an up-to-date record of your business equipment. Keep in mind to add leased equipment that is not individually insured by the leasing company.

Protect your property

Have you listened to the proverb that goes, “It’s better to be safe than to be sorry?†It is particularly accurate when dealing with water damage. You will never understand when a hurricane comes or when your pipe cracks unexpectedly, so the best alternative is to be all set to face it. Keep your precious items, essential documents, periodically items, and other things in a waterproof box. Keep them away from a water origin, too, such as plumbing pipes in the basement or the loft. Better yet, invest in a water indicator for your home or business property so you will be informed instantly in case of water leakage. This way, you can deal with the problem as soon as possible and stop the damage from getting worse.

Lastly, if water has entered your home, the best choice to take is to call an expert water damage restoration company like Mundae to reduce the damage that happened. They have tools and water extraction ways to quickly remove the water inside your home or building and stop the damage from growing.

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