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Water Damage Restoration

If you are a homeowner or business owner, you will need water damage restoration services from time to time. Whether you need to rebound from a plumbing overflow, appliance leak, burst pipe, or any type of indoor flood at your property, the experts at Mundae can help.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

We will get your home or business clean and restored as quickly as possible using the following steps:

Inspection and Damage Assessment

Once our team of skilled technicians arrives, they will immediately get to work. We start by thoroughly inspecting your property and assessing your property and water damage. We will determine the source of the water in your home or business and stop it. Our initial water extraction will remove the majority of water from your home or place of business.

Drying and Dehumidification

Being one of the best water damage cleanup companies Houston, our specialist uses Turbo Dryers and Dehumidification units to help with keeping the area dry. They will circulate wet air into our dehumidification units to help get the moisture out of the air. This will return plenty of dry air into the area. The water damage restoration in Houston TX can take three to five days for the drying to work, but it all depends on the area.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Restoration

Houston TX water damage clean-up experts will clean up with a Fresh Water Rinse Extraction cleaning and deodorization. This process will be paid for by your insurance in most cases. Our team of water damage cleanup in Houston TX can clean many surfaces like floors, walls, and even your upholstery. All carpet protecting items can also be applied if your carpet does not have a soil-resistant finish.

Water Damage Restoration

Prompt & Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

With over decades of experience carefully restoring properties and valuable possessions, Mundae sets the bar for helping bring life back to your home or business. When you call our team, you can rest assured that you’re partnering with professionals who get the job done right the first time.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Mundae for Water Damage Restoration?

The Mundae Cleaning and Restoration emergency water damage service in Houston is available 24*7/365 days of the year. As a water Loss Institute member, we work with IICRC S-500 procedures to ensure that the best processes for water damage restoration in Houston TX are used.

We Have Huge Experience

Delivering safe and effective water damage restoration services for several decades, we’ve seen it all.

We're Fully Vetted, Trained, and Insured

You don’t have to worry about handling damages – we’ll handle the restoration so you can focus on your health and family.

We're Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Your well-being and safety are our top priorities throughout the restoration process. We consult with you every step of the way and are always available to answer questions or concerns.

Get Fast, Reliable Response During A Water Damage Emergency

We strive to do the job right the first time, every time.

cleaning and restoration service in Houston
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cleaning and restoration service in Houston
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